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David Cadwallader and Co takes your privacy and handling of your data very seriously. 

What is this privacy notice for?

You are being given this privacy notice to let you know how David Cadwallader and Co collects, uses and stores your personal data and lets you know your rights.  

Who is responsible for data control at David Cadwallader and co (the data protection officer) and how do I contact them?

David Cadwallader:

What personal details will David Cadwallader and Co  take from me?

Personal data, or details, means any information about an individual from which the person can be identified. Your details are taken in electronic and paper form.

Why do you take these details and how are they used?

Your details above are taken to help us provide you with the accounting services you have requested from us. We use your details for administration purposes and for matching you to the most appropriate accountant. Your details are held so we can respond to any enquires you make, to investigate complaints or concerns, protect you and other people, identify and protect those at risk of harm, to keep track of the services we provide and to help us conform to ethical, legal and insurance requirements. Further explanations follow:

Name: So we can identify you in our filing system and help us maintain records.

Telephone contact number: So we can contact you if we need to rearrange or cancel an appointment date and time or for any other relevant reason. 

Address: If there are outstanding monies owing to David Cadwallader and Co  by you, we may write to you at this address.

If you do not wish to give your personal data

Where we need to collect personal data by law, or under our terms of contract and you fail to provide them when requested, we would be unable to provide you with accounting sessions. 

Can I request to see my data?

Yes. Your request can be made verbally or in writing to the email or address at the end of this leaflet and we will respond within 28 days. 

You will not incur a fee for viewing your personal data. 

Accuracy of Personal Details

It is important that the personal details we hold on you are accurate and current. Please keep us updated and informed of any changes. You have the right to ask us to correct any details we hold on you if they are incomplete or incorrect.

Website and Email

David Cadwallader and Co  website and email address are fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). If you make an enquiry on our website or via email, your personal details entered are not retained or stored in any way. Details from email or website enquiries will be deleted after a reply has been sent. David Cadwallader will respond to any email or website enquiry you make on the legal basis that by making the enquiry you consent to your details being used for the purpose of dealing with and responding to your enquiry.

Where is my personal data held?

Your data is held in lockable filing cabinets within David Cadwallader and Co offices. Only David Cadwallader has full access to all client’s personal data.

Is my data shared with third parties for marketing?

No, never. 

Will David Cadwallader and Co ever use my personal details to contact me for promotional purposes?

No, never.

Can I request my personal data is destroyed at any time?

You have the right to request that your personal details are destroyed. Please send your request in writing to David Cadwallader and you will receive a response within 28 days. Any request to destroy personal data will be assessed in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and your particular situation. In some circumstances David Cadwallader and Co may have legal grounds to override your request as we have a legal basis for taking your personal information upon your request for accounting sessions. In circumstances where we are unable to destroy your data after a request we will write to you and let you know on what legal basis we are retaining your details. In situations where removal of your personal data request is accepted we would be unable to continue providing you with accounting sessions. In cases of couples accounting where one half of the partnership requests removal of personal data the above process will be followed, and sessions may end for both parties of the couple. 

Lawful Basis

Under GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulations) David Cadwallader and Co  requests, securely stores and holds your personal details under the following legal bases:

  1. Consent – You freely give your consent for your information to be processed for specific reasons. (To deliver accounting sessions.)
  2. Contractual –  You freely enter a contract with us where processing, handling and storing your data is necessary to provide you with ethical  therapeutic practice. 
  3. Legitimate Interests: So David Cadwallader and Co  for a 5 year period we cannot conform to our ethical bodies and insurance companies requirements.